Certified Mediator Listing

The following is a list of mediators available for the United States District Court for the District Court of South Carolina. Click on a name to learn more about the mediator's background and areas of expertise.

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Sadler, Nancy D.LowCountry
Sandlin, John WescoatLowCountry
Schachte, William L. Jr.LowCountry
Schmidt, John E. IIIMidlands
Seay, Pamella A.Out Of State
Sellers, H. DonaldUpstate
Sheehy, James P.LowCountry
Sheheen, Vincent A.Midlands
Shook, Janet LynnUpstate
Shoun, Cheryl D.LowCountry
Shuler, Franklin G. Jr.Midlands
Simmons, John S.Midlands
Singleton, Joseph F.LowCountry
Smith, Brandon A.LowCountry
Smith, Cody W. Jr.LowCountry
Smith, Ellison D. IVLowCountry
Smith, Franklin J. Jr.Midlands
Smith, Gerald F.Midlands
Smith, Mattie D. Stewart GradyMidlands
Smith, Richard M.LowCountry
Smythe, Henry B. Jr.LowCountry
Sowell, Thornwell F.Midlands
Sowinski, Robert A.Upstate
Spar, Harvey M.LowCountry
Spitz, Stephen A.LowCountry
Spooner, Leonard J.Upstate
Stephenson, Thomas L.Upstate
Stern, T.S. Jr.Upstate
Stilwell, Samuel H.Upstate
Stirling, Ann M.LowCountry
Stokes, Debra ElaineLowCountry
Sullivan, Allison P.Midlands
Summerall, Charles P. IVLowCountry