Certified Mediator Listing

The following is a list of mediators available for the United States District Court for the District Court of South Carolina. Click on a name to learn more about the mediator's background and areas of expertise.

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Maring, David H.LowCountry
Martin, Bradford NealUpstate
Marvel, David B.LowCountry
Matthews, Eugene H.Midlands
Matthews, Steve A.Midlands
Mauney, C. StuartUpstate
McClain, Ray P.LowCountry
McCormack, David B.LowCountry
McGee, Thomas William IIIMidlands
McKellar, L. HenryMidlands
McKinney, Rita M.Upstate
McMaster, Henry D.Midlands
Mendelsohn, Joseph S.LowCountry
Millar, Terry B.Midlands
Miller, Bruce E.LowCountry
Milliman, David A.Midlands
Mills, David J.LowCountry
Mills, J. ChristopherMidlands
Moise, E. WarrenLowCountry
Montgomery, Michael HartMidlands
Moskos, C. StevenLowCountry
Moylan, John C. IIIMidlands
Mullins, Edward W. Jr.Midlands
Murphy, Brian P.Upstate
Myers, Thad L.Midlands