Certified Mediator Listing

The following is a list of mediators available for the United States District Court for the District Court of South Carolina. Click on a name to learn more about the mediator's background and areas of expertise.

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Bailey, Joel D.LowCountry
Bakker, Mark W.Upstate
Barash, Anthony H.Upstate
Barnett, Robert L.LowCountry
Barr, Capers G. IIILowCountry
Barr, William S.LowCountry
Barrow, A. Elliott, Jr.LowCountry
Battle, Michael W.LowCountry
Baxter, Douglas C.LowCountry
Beal, Michael M.Midlands
Beard, Grady L.Midlands
Beard, T. AlexanderLowCountry
Belcher, Reginald W.Midlands
Bell, James L.LowCountry
Bernstein, Charles S.LowCountry
Black, Robert RayLowCountry
Bloodgood, NancyLowCountry
Bolt, J. DennisMidlands
Bowen, John R.C.LowCountry
Bowers, H. MichaelLowCountry
Boykin, Charles J.Midlands
Boyle, F. LadsonMidlands
Brailsford, Daniel T.Midlands
Brailsford, James M.Midlands
Branon, R. Frost Jr.LowCountry
Bridges, Saunders M.LowCountry
Bridges, Saunders M. Jr.LowCountry
Brockington, Joseph S.LowCountry
Brown, HenryMidlands
Bruner, James L.Midlands
Bryan, Mary LowndesMidlands
Buckingham, Steven E.Upstate
Bultz, Jay M.LowCountry
Bunch, Thomas W. IIMidlands
Bundy, W. H. Jr.LowCountry
Burke, W. LewisMidlands
Burnette, M. MalissaMidlands
Byrholdt, Bruce A.Upstate