Certified Mediator Listing

The following is a list of mediators available for the United States District Court for the District Court of South Carolina. Click on a name to learn more about the mediator's background and areas of expertise.

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Calamari, Robert C.LowCountry
Campbell, John M. Jr.Upstate
Cantwell, Joshua P.LowCountry
Carter, David M.Out Of State
Cauthen, George B.Midlands
Cherry, Molly HughesLowCountry
Chiles, Nancy A.LowCountry
Christensen, Aaron M.Out Of State
Christina, Renee R.Upstate
Clark, William C.LowCountry
Clary, Gary E.Upstate
Clingman, Sarah L.Midlands
Cochran, Theron G.Upstate
Code, Merl F.Upstate
Cole, Michael T.LowCountry
Coltrane, Curtis L.LowCountry
Cooke, M. Dawes Jr.LowCountry
Cooper, Thomas W. Jr.Midlands
Corrigan, Eugene P. IIILowCountry
Coskrey, Blaney A. IIIMidlands
Cotter, Leslie A. Jr.Midlands
Courie, Yolanda C.Midlands
Crowe, Danny CalvertMidlands
Culbreath, Gray T.Midlands
Cuttino, John E.Midlands