1. For answers to Frequently asked Questions, please review :

  2. For PACER technical assistance call
    PACER Service Center (PSC) at (800) 676- 6856 (8 am-5 pm CST).

  3. For CM/ECF assistance, please review the Contact Us page for detailed contact information.

  4. For Lost/Misplaced ECF Logins

    You may email for assistance. Please include your federal court ID number.
    If your email address has changed or does not match the one listed in your ECF accourt you will need to complete and submit the Attorney Reset Password form.

  5. For CM/ECF Technical Failure, please use the following email addresses for alternative submission (see section 12 of the ECF Policy and Procedures Manual):

    Charleston Division -
    Columbia Division -
    Florence Division -
    Greenville Division -


Note: Make sure your email spam filter accepts mail from the entire domain of to help prevent undelivered NEFs, or notifications of electronic filing from the Court.