FAQs and General Information for Qualification Questionnaires

General Information

You may fill out the form provided or complete the questionnaire form online. To view these instructions online, click on the Qualification Questionnaire Information link. If you complete the questionnaire online, please do not return the paper version.

All forms must be signed and dated. Print name and address change(s) in the space where your name and address appear.

Frequently Asked Questions

I used a pen to complete the form instead of a #2 pencil. Do I need another form?

No, using a pen is fine. Just make sure the bubbles are completely filled in and none are marked with an X or check mark, sign and date the form, and mail it.

Have I been summoned for jury service?

No, not if you received a one-page pink and white form. It is simply a form used by all federal courts to determine if citizens are qualified to serve as a juror. Please complete the form to the best of your ability, sign and date at the bottom, and mail it. If you are qualified, you may receive a summons during the next two years with a date and place to report.

What is to be done if the addressee is unable to complete this form?

In-state or out-of-state student - You can complete the form for them with an expected graduation date. Sign and date the form and mail it. If summoned while still a student, write us a letter and the student will be deferred. If the student has moved his or her permanent residence out-of-state, note this on the form and the student will be disqualified.
Deceased - Write 'deceased' and the date of death on the form. State your relationship to the person, sign and date the form, and mail it.
Patient living in a health care facility - Write this information on the back in the Remarks area. If applicable, indicate when they may be able to serve, sign and date the form, and mail it.
Moved out of state - Write the new address, if known, on the form, sign and date the form, and mail it.
Addressee cannot read or write - Answer 'no' to question #4. Write this information on the back in the Remarks area, sign and date the form, and mail it. (People must be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language. Otherwise, they are disqualified.)

Do I have to serve if I am 65 years old?

Yes, the age limit for excuse in federal court is 70 years old. If you meet this requirement and want to be excused, simply write your birth date in #2, fill in bubble 1 of #14, sign and date the form and return in the envelope provided. You are not required to complete entire form. If you are 70 years old or older and want to serve, indicate this on the back of the form and complete the entire form.

I have health problems or scheduled surgery, so I can't serve. What do I do?

List your health problem(s), in detail, on the back of the form under Remarks. If having surgery, give date and expected recuperation period. A doctor's certificate is not required; however, if you are only submitting a certificate, it must explain the exact nature of the health problem(s). The court must be able to determine if your condition is temporary because juror eligibility is for a period of two years.

I don't think I should have to complete this form. I don't want to be a juror.

As a citizen and registered voter, you must complete the form or you may be required to appear before a judge to show cause why it has not been returned. Your answers are strictly confidential.

I can't travel all the way to Columbia to serve as a juror. Why can't I serve in my county?

The form is returned to Columbia only because the processing center is in Columbia. This questionnaire is for federal jury service which is held in United States courthouses around the state, one of which may be closer to your residence.

Why do I have to give my date of birth in question 2?

We request your date of birth so the court can verify that the form reached the correct person, and if you want to be excused because you are age 70 or older, your birth date and filling bubble 1 on #14 under the Grounds for Requesting Excuse will excuse you. Remember to sign and date the form at the bottom.

I just moved here. Why did I get this form?

Our names and addresses are provided by the South Carolina Election Commission. Write the month and year you moved to South Carolina on the back of the form. You will be eligible to serve if you have been in the state for one year by the time we start randomly selecting names from our new qualified jury wheel.

I am a state constable and I think I should be exempt.

State constables are not exempt. Any person who is not a paid full-time member of a governmental police or non-volunteer fire department is not exempt.

I am a member of the S.C. National Guard. Does that exempt me from serving?

You are not exempt unless you are full-time active federal duty. If you are placed on active duty orders you will be exempted if you are summoned for jury duty during the period of your orders.

I was convicted of a felony and answered 'yes' to question 6. I think my civil rights were restored in question 7, but I am not sure.

Read the back of the form for details regarding questions 6 and 7.
Yes to #6 - You must provide all relevant information including maximum possible sentence.
Yes to #7 - You must write on the back of the form whether you completed pretrial diversion, had your record expunged, or received a pardon and by whom.

Why do I have to answer question 10?

Read the explanation on the back of the form. Answering this question helps the court determine if we have a fair cross section of the citizens of the state available for jury service.

I am a doctor/teacher/professor/lawyer/member of the clergy and I think I should be excused because of my profession.

The District Court of South Carolina does not excuse anyone by profession. The only job related excuses are under the exemption section #9, on the questionnaire.

Is there a list of all the excuse options?

Please see the 'Excuses - Section Number 14' section below.

Excuses - Section Number 14

If your answer is 'yes' to any of the excuse options below, you must explain on the back of the form under Remarks or it will be returned to you for an explanation.

1. Mark bubble #1 and be sure your date of birth is filled in on question #2 or on the back of the form if you want to be excused. If you are age 70 or over and are willing to serve, please state that on the back of the form under Remarks.

2. This excuse applies only to jury service in the United States District Court, not state or local courts. You must give the name of the court, location and date(s) of service on the back of the form under Remarks.

3. This is the place to request an excuse for volunteer, non paid rescue/ambulance and fire personnel for a government agency. You must write you agency and/or department on the back of the form under Remarks.

4. Do not mark 'yes' without explaining on the back of the form or it will be returned to you for explanation. You must provide age(s) of children. Do not request excuse in this category for children over the age of ten unless they have a mental or physical problem which must be explained in the Remarks section on the back. Do not request excuse in this section if the infirm or elderly person resides in a care facility.

5. To be excused in this category the business must cease to function and must close in your absence. This excuse does not apply if you are employed and

  • the business remains open in your absence,
  • you do not get paid when you do not work, or
  • you work on commission but the business remains open in your absence.