Jury Duty Frequently Asked Questions

I received a Qualification Questionnaire, what is this?

This form is used to determine your eligibility to serve as a juror at a future date with the U.S. District Court. This is not a summons for jury service.

Can I complete the Qualification Questionnaire online?

Click here to complete your qualification questionnaire online. You must have your 9 digit participant number which can be located to the right of your name and address on the questionnaire.

If I received a Qualification Questionnaire will I have to perform jury service in Columbia?

Although all qualification questionnaires are processed in Columbia that does not mean you will be summonsed for jury service in Columbia. Other court locations are Anderson, Charleston, Florence, Greenville, and Spartanburg.

How are people chosen for jury service?

The District of South Carolina uses Voter Registration lists compiled by the South Carolina Election Commission to create a pool of potential jurors.

How are names drawn for jury service?

Names are drawn randomly by computer. Each county is represented in accordance with the population. Petit jurors are drawn from counties within their respective jury areas. Grand jurors are selected in the same manner or from the entire state.

Will I be able to serve in my home county?

The District of South Carolina is divided into four large jury areas which may require travel to a courthouse some distance from one's home. Since all jurors are selected randomly by computer, a person may be summoned to a courthouse which is not the closest Federal Courthouse to his/her home.

State Jury Division Map

Will I have to report to the courthouse every day or be on call?

Jury selection is completed on the first day you report. If you are chosen as a juror you will know the name of the case you will be serving on, the expected trial date and the estimated length of the trial. You will receive written instructions to call the jury toll free number prior to the trial date.

If you are not chosen on a jury, your jury service is completed.

How do I request to be excused or postpone jury service?

Click here to obtain information on excuses from Jury Service.


How will I know if I have been excused?

Your request may take up to 15 business days to process. You will not receive written notification. If you are excused, the court cannot reimburse you or give you credit for attendance.

You may check the status of your request by
  • Telephone : 866-865-8152
  • Online : Click here to view the status of your request.

You will need your nine-digit participant number to check your status. Follow the prompts and enter your nine-digit participant number when requested.


What if I am excused from jury service but report for jury service anyway?

You must check your reporting status the day before your scheduled jury service. If you are not required to report, the court cannot reimburse you or give you credit for attendance.

I served in a county court recently. Will I be excused from having to serve on a federal jury?

No. Prior local jury service is not an excuse. Federal Court jury service within the previous two years is a valid excuse.

I was permanently excused from previous federal jury service, but I have received another questionnaire. Why?

We randomly select names from the Voter Registration Lists every two to four years. When you are excused by the Court, your name remains on the voter files; so there is the potential of being selected as a prospective juror again.

I am a student and jury service will be detrimental to my studies. May I be excused?

You may not be excused for being a student, but you may be deferred for later service. If you are still in school when you are called for later service, you may be deferred again.

I don't have to serve in State Court when I am 65 years old. Why am I not excused in Federal Court?

The statutory age for excuse from federal jury service is 70.

I sent a doctor's excuse stating I should be excused for medical reasons but I still got summoned. Why?

Your doctor's excuse must be specific enough to determine if there is a permanent or temporary medical problem. Potential jurors are eligible to be summoned over a two to four year period.

I lost my summons. What should I do?

Contact the Jury Section in Columbia at 803-253-3382 to obtain another summons.

How can I complete my summons questionnaire online?

Click here to complete your questionnaire online. You must have your 9 digit participant number which can be located below your name and address on the summons.

How can I complete my summons questionnaire with a paper document?

If you do not have internet access and need a questionnaire and excuse form mailed to you, call 803-310-2382 and follow the instructions.